Issues with content from sections reverting or disappearing

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Hi there


We're developing a custom theme for a client and having some odd issues with some content blocks.

We add in new content into a content block - some images / featured blog posts etc... and save it and it shows up ok.

If we go back to the page 10 minutes or so later ot reverts back to the old content and sometimes just removes some of the content.

It doesn't seem to happen on all blocks/pages but we can't work it why it's happening.

Does anyone have any experience of this? It seems like the JSON file keeps overwriting itself!

Any help would be greatly appreciated and can share logins if needed.










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This OP is a year old, but we're having this exact same problem! It's maddening.


We have several content blocks on the home page of a site (not yet public). If I change the order of the blocks, they appear correct in the preview window. After i click the "Save" button, however, I get the "Changes Saved" success message, but a few seconds later the page refreshes with all of my edits removed.


I simply can't work on the site without losing everything I've done immediately after saving.

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 I am experiencing the same problem. Did you find a solution?

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Just to be sure -- it's not the case when two team members working in Customizer at the same time?

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