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My store is not live yet - - Password is jaesti

For some reason the items in the navigation bar, have a blue line underneath them, how do I remove the blue lines?

This only occurs on the homepage.


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Hey Matthew,

That line appears where there is an active link. How it figures out what active is by comparing the current url, to the url on the link. I would guess that your menu has all of those links pointing to the home page. As a result the code in place is seeing them all as active when you're viewing the home page. This would explain the line appearing.

Here's some possible ways to approach this:

  1. Change the links so they point to a better page, or
  2. Add some CSS to disable the line on the home page.

If you opt for (2), this CSS might help. Add it to the bottom of your stylesheet.

/* remove the line under the links on home ONLY */
.template-index .site-nav--active .site-nav__link:after {


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Hi Jason,

Thanks for this! The code worked great,

Would you know how to change the background colour of the nav bar to this colour code - FFCC33 - You can change the header colour in the theme settings but this changes the nav bar and the top header.

Would you also know how to change the font colour of the nav bar items?

Thanks, your help is appreciated!