Jquery Ajax get products works on test site but not production site

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I can access it when I use '/admin/price_rules/399675654231.json' as my URL from development store. However not when I take the admin part off. My guess is the admin is needed to access this object but with the url redirect I can't use admin in production.

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For security reason you can't access those infos from front-end, you will need custom app and third part server, where you can keep api pass and key and then do requests to admin, but not direct from theme.

Because if you able to do this, everyone will do this, just pasting the ajax call in browser console and get all admin info... this is nonsense )))

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Yes of course I do not want to pass and sensitive information through the browser. I was excited I could access price_rules through the test site by using the url Admin and not having to put in any API keys or passwords. I will now rework the project so I can access that data through a private application and 3rd party server.


Thank you