LLC US, without SSN

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We have a shopify store with LLC in the US with EIN. The founder is not living in the US and has no SSN. Shopify payments refused us for lack of activity in the US, Stripe doesn't even show as an option on the administration. We use Paypal for now only.

What would be the correct setup without having the SSN to obtain a shopify payment account anyway ? One of our staff is actually living in the US, is that enough ? Should we rent a locker in the US to have a physical presence ?

We have been trying since March 2019 to get something else than Paypal without success. I have a friend who makes 50K USD per day of sales without SSN ! Why aren't we allowed too ?

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@BushBond - The SSN and Birthdate is required for an account holder.  Technically, you can use a US-based employee's info (ie. SSN, home address, birthdate, etc..) but being they would be listed as the owner on the account, this may not be the best route.... but sounds like your only route.


Good luck!