Landing Page Images Are Low Quality

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I've been fiddling around with the landing page images and for some reason, no matter what I do, the image that's on the live website is absurdly small.


I consider image quality a huge factor, that's why the original image is 6600x3099. Now I know that realistically a display won't be able to show that, so I'd be happy if live image size would be around 3000x. However, when I inspect the CSS with google development tools ( right-click + inspect ), the image is only 1362x768x.


As for the section, it is displayed in the 'slideshow.liquid', I have linked below a copy of the code ( it's only 150 lines ). I cannot seem to edit the code to output the image in all it's glory. Any help is greatly appreciated. 


section: here

page: here


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to show original dimension of image ,you have to change the code .you can edit  the code like below.


you can write like this :

 src="{{ mobile_image | img_url: original}}"


 src="{{ mobile_image | img_url: master}}"

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