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Hello all,


I'm trying to build my first Shopify store here! What got me sold was the huge community, support and the great reputation that the Shopify community has.


So here's where I' facing some difficulties. I'm trying to build an English and Arabic store. So far I have managed to do that smoothly plus change the layout to RTL. The problem is that the Arabic text does not look that good on the Helvetica (default Debut theme font). and if I try to change it, it changes for both the english and arabic stores. I have tried to dig in the code and added the specific code to the (theme.css.liquid) file:


{%- if shop.locale == 'ar' -%}
{% assign header_font = settings.type_header_font_arabic %}
{% assign base_font = settings.type_base_font_arabic %}
{%- else -%}
{% assign header_font = settings.type_header_font %}
{% assign base_font = settings.type_base_font %}
{%- endif -%}


Note that I have added arabic font components "type_header_font_arabic" and  "type_base_font_arabic" components in the (settings_data.json) file to contain:

"type_header_font": "helvetica_n7",
"type_header_font_arabic": "amiri_n7",
"type_base_font": "helvetica_n4",
"type_base_font_arabic": "amiri_n4",


Unfortunately it still shows the Helvetica font for both the English and Arabic pages/stores.


Any ideas on how to solve this language-specific font issue?