Layou of Debut. collection channals

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I have gone through the most frequent questions you get but there are a few that I have that I couldn’t find answers to.

1) When looking at our products on the shop tab they are not in a straight line. Is there a option where you can have them all in a straight line & not uneven?

2) In the Menu bar we have "Shop" as one of the quick links but is there an option when you go over the “Shop” option a second menu will drop down with our collections ? If so How can this be done ?
3) We have another payment provider called Snap scan which you don't offer as a option, is there anyway we can add Snap scan one of the options ?
4) Lastly, we have loaded all of our stock under the warehouse where we are having the items shipped off from. With regards to pick up option this location is different to the warehouse location so the stock must be the same & not different as we take the customers order personally from the warehouse to the pick up point. SO we need help with making sure that when the client selects the pick up option that it won’t say out of stock in this location as the stock will be the same amount as warehouse.