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Hey everyone,

I noticed that all my policy texts show no link text color and therefore link texts are not highlighted at all. The text links look like regular text. You can still click them but its not visible that its a link .

On all other pages link texts have a hover line so users can see its a link. My policy texts, however, dont have it. 

See a example text below with a "mailto:" link text which is not highlighted at all. 

How can I change the color of link text on policy pages?

thank you all for your help


link text.JPG

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can you post a link to your store? We can probably give you a copy paste CSS solution. Please provide a password if your store is password protected. This can be found in Online Store > Preferences > Password Protection

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If you'd like to make any edits to your store, please send me a personal message and we can discuss what you'd like to accomplish :D