Linking product Options and Hiding Sold Out Variants on Sectioned Themes

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I am working with the Venture theme and I just noticed that most of my products that have two variant options are not linking to each other when one is clicked. For Example: We have multiple styles with certain sizes assigned, some styles don't support the other sizes. This is causing it to show unavailable. How do I get the style to link to it's assigned size when clicked? I have tried integrating a couple of different custom codes but nothing is working. Please Help! Thanks!

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We are also facing the same issue. 


My client has 3 Size but in all Size Different Color require. 

For e.g 

Size is Small, Medium, Large

Color:  Small (Black and White)

Color:  Medium (Black and Gray) white not required

Color:  Large (Gray and Red) White and Black Both Options not required


in Product Details Page Its showing all colors. How to change Color as per Size Selected. 

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Hi Tim! Your solution worked!! But rather than hidden the option, I want the sold out option to just be disable. do you know which code should I change? Thank you in advance!!

@tim wrote:

Yes, for example here 

But the code is theme dependent -- it will work for free themes with drop-downs and will require modification for buttons/swatches or if drop-down elements have different classes assigned.


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Hi Tim, 

I see that you were able to help numerous people. I too have many products that have many variants and need to hide the sold out variants. We are using the supply theme any help would be greatly appreciated. The shopify gurus said there is nothing they can do HELP! :)