Liquid Template Caching

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This is probably a beginner's question. First time building a custom theme for a Shopify store.

I have Typeform form that does a redirect to URL upon completion (to my Shopify page). It passes in a bunch of parameters into the URL for my Shopify page. 

ie.: ?question1=answer1&question2=answer2

For my Shopify page, I created a custom page template that reads all the params from the URL and based on some logic, provides a product recommendation. All this logic is hardcoded into that Shopify page template. 

The page renders the recommendation properly with the logic, however, my issue is that it caches, and on subsequent form loads (and completion) it doesn't pick up the changes in the URL params and re-renders the template, thus it displays the old answers. This happens unless I make a change to the page, which triggers versioning, and then it works properly again.

How do I force no cache for the template rendering? Or is there a better way for me to trigger this logic code recommendation?