Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/banana-stand-product-list-container.liquid

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I noticed my alternate photos of products were not loading consistently so I reached out to shopfiy. Shopify support replied with the following:

I've taken a look at your theme code, and it seems like there are two app snippets are the breaking the variant code. Banana Stand and Globo Reviews. I see that you've uninstalled both apps, but it looks like there was some leftover code in the template. I've disabled those two snippets and the variant image are working as intended now: 

I would suggest reaching out to both app devs to remove any other leftover code, and avoid future problems. Here are their contact info if needed:
Developer Globo

Developer Banana Stand
Phone +1-888-516-1499

After doing so, I still noticed that the alternate photos were still not loading correctly so I contacted banana stand and after deleting their snippet, my site looks like shit.  under my "Best Sellers" section on the home page and the "our collection," page I have the following error under each product.

"Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/banana-stand-product-list-container.liquid"

After reaching out to shopiy support again, they said they don't support 3rd party apps and that i code was deleted, it cannot be recovered.  I really don't have another 20 hours to redesign a brand new website so I'm hoping someone can help me rectify this issue.

Please help as shopify support will only direct me here. : (




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did you ever find an answer? im having the same problem but its on the top of every page!

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Hi @Matt_Hagen 

I don/t this this error coming up any more.


@olliejay Send me you store i will check and let me know which error you get on store. 

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