Liquid error on my website.

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There is an error that just shows up when i get to a product page.


Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/addthis.liquid


Anyone knows how to remove it?

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You either need to add that snippet in the Snippets folder or remove the include which would most likely be in your Templates / product-template.liquid file (or equivalent depending on your theme).


The include statement itself would look something like this

{% include 'addthis' %}

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I have the same error and can't get it to go away. 

Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/mw_PO_objects.liquid

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If you cannot find the reference to the snippet, the lazy way to fix this problem is (as Karl already pointed out) to create an empty snippet with this name under Snippets  in your theme code.

So, just open your Snippets folder, click "Add new snipped", type in mw_PO_objects.liquid as the name and click "create snippet".

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