Localizing product reviews

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Hello, we recently built a store on Shopify which we would like to localize as much as we can. We use the International domains option, so we have a main domain in English and subdomains in other languages (German, French, Italian, etc.). We added different currencies, content, etc. What we would like to add is to localize our product reviews. We found your app Advanced Store Localization and saw that we can hide pages for different locations, for example. Anyone who has experience with this app? Does this work for the product reviews? For example, when a German customer writes a review in the German website (domain), it should be visible only on this domain, the logic is the same for the rest of the domains.
Moreover, since we moved from one platform to Shopify and we already have hundreds of reviews, we would like to import them. Can we do the same thing (show one review and hide another one) with imported reviews?

Any other ideas on how we can do that?