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Guys, I could really use your help! I've looked through the liquid css code all morning and your help community all afternoon and nothing has helped. Checked all form and table widths and they are 100%. Tried looking at .class and didn't find anything there either. UGH!


Problem: when you go to our distributor/customer login page, it loads just fine initially, then the form squishes to just over 100 pixels; the fields themselves down to 40 pixels. This is on the desktop browser.
 Screen cap is included, but you can also check it out live: https://www.amdlasers.com/account/loginsquished-login.png


Odd thing: it doesn't do this on my mobile device...



Any help to fix this problem, I'd be most grateful for!

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You have a div with these classes:


<div class="six columns offset-by-five animated fadeInUp" id="login_form">

change the six to eleven:


<div class="eleven columns offset-by-five animated fadeInUp" id="login_form">
If you'd like to make any edits to your store, please send me a personal message and we can discuss what you'd like to accomplish :D
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Thanks Ninthony! It worked for the Customer Log in: https://www.amdlasers.com/account/login

but not the distributor login: https://www.amdlasers.com/pages/distributor-login


This is odd because the login page pulls in the same form. Can't find any other div info to update in regards to the fadeInUp class.


Where do I look for pages that pull this code in? It doesn't show up in the html tab.