Login, signup, and preview account page on unpublished theme

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Hi, I am building a private, unpublished theme and attempting to test out the signup, login, and account pages for my theme.

The signup doesn't seem to create a customer in my admin tab.

  <form action="/account" id="create_customer" acceptCharset="UTF-8">
          <input type="hidden" name="form_type" value="create_customer" >
          <input type="hidden" name="utf8" value="✓" >
          <input type="email" placeholder="Enter email">
          <input type="password" placeholder="Enter Password">
          <input type="submit" value="Submit" >

The signup form returns a success message and redirects to sign in page. But when I try to sign in, nothing happens. It returns a 200 status code, but I'm still not signed in.

Is there any way to sign in or create a customer account when you're testing out a private unpublished theme?