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Hi Everyone,


New to Shopify and reaching out to see if there's a possibility of changing the layout of the header on my site to be effective on both Desktop and Phone.


What I'm looking to do is align the logo to the top left hand corner, and move the Menu (burger lines) over to the right so that it sits with the Shopping Cart.


Is this possible?


Lastly (and I understand this is an absolute long shot), my header is transparent (until you scroll back up the page, then it appears with a white background), and I was wondering if I was able to move the content up so that my header doesn't have any padding and instead, sits on top of the content?


Thank you all in advance :-)



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Hi, @thomasjpmoran:

Yes, it's possible, you only need to edit HTML and CSS code in your theme, we can help you with this task, just send us an email and we will respond you ASAP.

Best wishes,

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