Logo to link to the same page as they were

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Hello, I have a simple task, I need to change the active logo link from the main page to the same page as were the user is.


Let's say if user is on the product page and clicks on URL he will see his page refreshed and he stays at the same page.

Same for if user on some other page such as ABOUT US or FAQ and clicks and he get his page refreshed without going anywhere else, is it possible? 


I went to header.liquid  and I found a logo link looking like this:


<a class="site-header__logo-link" href="/"> LOGO </a>

and then I quickly googled it and I found this:


{{ product.url }}
{{ page.url }}

 Then I tryiedto modify my header.liquid:


<a class="site-header__logo-link" href="{{ page.url }}"> LOGO </a>

but it did not let me to save the file, showed the error message,

is there any {{  current.url }} option?


Thank you.

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<a class="site-header__logo-link" href=" "> LOGO </a>

remove the '/' from href="/"