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I have few questions whenever possible to respond for you please. Thanks

1) I think all customers (and most of us should be part of it!) prefer "Free Shipping" and while on an e-Commerce platform, they set the filter "Free Shipping" first before surfing through the items. Customer's decision to buy an item or not is based on PRICE and when they come to know that there is shipping charge (even if it is reasonable) in the end of checkout process, it is very likely that they will abandon the cart. Can you please suggest best way to offer Free Shipping and still make reasonable profit?

2) When we select "Free Shipping" on Aliexpress site, it means there will not be shipping charge at all (regardless of price, qty, weight) when and if they ship out to customer, is that? Asking as if we select those items only while adding to our Shopify store, we can offer free shipping to our customers without hesitation.

3) Even when country of final destination is set as "Ship From" and "Ship to", why still shipping days are shown ranging from 2 to 4 weeks? I think majority of customers do not like waiting these many days when they have choice to get it faster in just couple of days. And that choice may have same or even less price in some cases. In such scenario, I do not see a reason for them to select vendor with longer shipping period.

Thank you!