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I've seen a lot of discussion about how it's not possible to have a multi currency checkout on shopify out of the box but there are some options/workarounds...

Option 1: You create clone stores on appropriate subdomains. Then each individual store will have it's own base currency. Obviously this comes with a substantial overhead of multiplied shopify pricing plans and apps costs included potential headaches with reporting and maintaining the clones.

Option 2: You use an app that takes over the checkout such as Bold cashier.

Potential Option 3: Move to shopify PLUS where you have access to edit the checkout and therefore should be able to create a currency converter in the checkout with JavaScript. However, I'm skeptical that this is possible considering the number of proposed work arounds, in particular option 1

What's the best way to solve this and is Option 3 possible?

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Hello Patrick.

Im delighted to say that Bold have just added an awesome new feature to Bold's Multi-Currency app that lets your customers shop and pay in any currency they like!

There is a link to the multi currency app if you want to have a look! 

The app provides a localized shopping experience by automatically changing your product's prices to their local currency, meaning customers can shop (and pay!) in any currency they want without any manual calculations!

This means that multiple domains wouldnt be necessary to sell in different currencies, and you wouldnt have to upgrade to our plus plan!

I hope this was helpful Patrick !


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Hi Rob,

Thanks for that info about the Bold app. The app looks to be quite good considering it's a free, but it doesn't provide multicurrency in the checkout unless you use Bold cashier which was Option 2 above and is an alternative checkout to Shopify's checkout.

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We've unistalled the app as it need discount codes in cashier and given the hundreds we have it was none viable.

I am quite shocked that Shopify have not todate got this facility of a major selling point.  It is clearly viable as Bold app proves.

Get you act together Shopify, stores are clearly crying out for it.

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I am an Australian based shopify store owner.

I am about a week away from moving to another ecommerce platform due to local currency checkout being unavailable.

I am very frustrated with Shopify support- I have many tickets logged relating to this over the past year. Each time I phone up I brief the support on the problem this is how the call goes down:

  1. their first suggestion is ALWAYS to install a mutli-currency app. I then have to explain to them that I already have one and none of these apps convert currency at checkout point to local currency. 
  2. The next suggestion is to add a note on the cart page about the currency issue - which I already have nd doesn’t resolve the problem
  3. The third suggestion is to run multiple stores, paying multiple subscriptions and administering them individually (this would be 5 stores for me). NO
  4. The forth suggestion (only advised this once) was to install Bold Multi Currency. I had my suspicions that it didn't have local currency functionality but Shopify Support was adamant it did. It involved some coding and removing old apps. Of course, it didn't do as advised by Shopify and I had to revert all changes wasting hours of work.It is actually Bold Cashier that offers this functionality. This app replaces the Shopify checkout and does offer native currency checkout, however it is not compatible if you offer post-payment services like AfterPay, LayBuy, ZipPay etc. - so that ruled that out for me.
  5. The fifth suggestion (only advised this once) is to move from Shopify Payments to a Third Party Payment Gateway. I  have installed/ set up Stripe, now to find checkout still isn't converting. Possibly there is some more configuration to be done for this functionality, but lord knows I won't be able to get a straight answer from Shopify on what exactly this is. I will now be paying an additional 2% fee on top of the card processing fees.

My frustrations are also not helped by the fact that:

1. Shopify give ambiguous answers on when they will provide this functionality - I can see Shopify Support in forums from many years ago providing the same answer they still are today "that they understand the need for it, and will hopefully be able to offer it in the near future". This is not good enough! To me this indicates it is still likely years away, as if they were seriously working on it, they would be able to say they are rolling it out mid 2018, late 2018, some ballpark date at least.


2. Every time I call support for help on this I wind up on the phone with a "generalist" who has high level knowledge of everything and no deep understanding in the area of checkout enabling them to advise me accurately on what to do (no dis-respect to Shopify Support, I know they are trying their best and it is not their fault Shopify seem to funnel all calls onto a generalist switchboard)


What I also find extremely bizarre is the Shopify Payments are powered by Stripe, who do offer native currency checkout, so why isn’t Shopify Payments offering this feature…?? My only guess is that the work around Shopify has in place (i.e. multiple stores and additional transaction fees) generate too much revenue to offer it.


Unless anyone can suggest a working solution over the next week, I will be forced to move to another ecommerce platform, as incredibly annoying as it is.  Please let me know if you can recommend anything!


Thank you


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I agree.  We had a bespoke site made in 2004 before moving to Shopify and had ths functionality then.  It's not difficult to program.

I find it very poor and somewhat embarrassing to Shopify that as the platform designers cannot offer this BASIC of requirements, yet app developers can!!

We are giving mCheckout a trial at the moment as unlike Bold cashier it doesn't need to duplicate the discount codes in Shopify.

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Hi Steven & Bry,

I have been working on this problem for a Plus client and I can confirm that it is possible to have a currency converter implemented in the the checkout, provided you are on Shopify Plus. If this is an option for you, then you should definitely get in contact with me through

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Hi Steven,

Your site looks good and hope is all going well.

How has Mcheckout worked for you? Would you reccomend it? Any flaws/issues at all?

Does it interfere with any pixel event triggering or any saved abandond email triggering etc?



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Thank you, we are using Bold Cashier.  Initially, was a could of hickups which was all irned ot quickly.  Only gripes I have are;

1. Emails still are in default currency

2.  This is a generic thing, but think they could link with the currency converter to show price including the relevant taxes.

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Being a Shopify Plus customer and having multiple stores we've been through exact same painful path and came to exact same conclusions as Bry O'Donnell here above, we feel with you man!

We've been forced to opt for running multiple stores, paying multiple subscriptions and administering them individually which has multiplied our admin/back-office workload times 5 (!) and more than triple our third apps costs unnecessarily. All this just in order to achive a proper multi-currency and multi-language e-commerce which was our main motivation to upgrade to Shopify Plus.

At Unite conference Shopify announced multi-currency checkout via Shopify Payments due this fall. Our Shopify Account rep seems unable to explain to us if this will finally resolve the problem of having to administer 5 separate stores. Also it looks like we'll need to open local companies and bank accounts at each targeted location instead of just having multi-currency company credit cards at our home country location?

Does anyone have more concrete info on this upcoming Shopify Payments feature? Are there any other workable options out there not involving checkout via third party apps? We're based in France and we're not familiar with Stripe but we'd love to test it out if it offers a truly integrated multi-currency checkout natively on Shopify. 

We are seriously considering moving away from Shopify Plus if this upcoming multi-currency feature won't resolve the burden of having to administer multiple stores.   

Thank you and greetings from France.