Main Menu Does Not Appear

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Hello guys! 
I was previously using theme Venture but I switched to using Debut.
The main menu is totally not showing and I have no idea how to rectify that. 
I remember trying to meddle with a plugin that helps me to create a dropdown menu unsuccessfully, not sure if this is the reason why my main menu is not appearing. 
Can any one help me please?

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Hey Sara!

Koreen here from the Guru Team at Shopify. Thanks for posting. :)

I do see what you mean. When I preview your store in a different theme, your navigation menu appears just fine.


Having a look in your theme, I don't however see any recent edits to your theme's code. In this case,  I'd like to take a closer look at this with our Theme support for you. :)

I've sent you an email directly- if you could reply to this confirming your details, along with info on the app you had installed, we can begin working on this for you!

Koreen W

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I too am getting this exact same issue with the Debut theme.

It (the menu list items) do not seem to be printing into the <ul> tag, while it is in centered mode ( it is fine in Left mode). I cannot see a bug in the liquid code. I would dearly appreciate any solution found to be placed here for reference.

Thank you.

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go to theme ( i'm using debut)

select customize

select header

check mark main menu/footer (which ever isn't visible)


view webpage to verify, worked for me with both left adjusted and center adjusted title. hope this helps, i just randomly got it to work finally


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I am experiencing a similar issue. My menu bar is set up but I am unable to see the products when clicking the link. Can you please assist.