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Hi everyone,


I just published my first blog post and I ran a speed test on Pingdom and it looks like my page size is a whopping 9.8MB and the load time is 3.58s Load Time. I ran a similar test on Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix with basically the same results. The post is basically just text, some video embeds, and a featured image.


Does anyone have an idea on what I can do to shrink the page size + load time? I need to get this under 2s load time, and ideally under 3MB.


Thank you!

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I took a look at that post, much of the weight is coming from the youtube videos.


Here's how you can fix that and make that page lighter and faster:


1) Lazy load the youtube videos

This will prevent them from contributing to initial page load, and instead load them as the user scrolls.


Here's how to implement lazy loading (it's based on images, but works for youtube videos by editing the <iframe> tag instead of <img>):


You can also lazy load that large image under THE GOGH.


2) Fix console errors

You have a couple javascript errors, looks like they're caused by references to jQuery before the library is loaded. This can cause delays and breaks in your code.


js errors.jpg


Here's some help on fixing console errors if you're not familiar:


With those articles and some time investment, you should be able to fix those yourself. If you prefer an expert to handle it for you, we have services specifically for those 2 points:



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Hi, SunnyXVI

This is Song Fei from Giraffly company which develops apps for Shopify. What 


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Hi Sunny,


  • Optimize Images - Try with TinyPng, and replace png to jpg
  • Reduce the number of apps installed - They add unnecessary scripts
  • Choose a fast Theme - Possibly from official Shopify themes
  • Optimize your javascript and CSS files
  • Implement AMP - AMP by AmpifyMe is the most customizable option
  • Upgrade to PWA

Hope I helped



Hi @SunnyXVI,


In order to Improve website speed your need to:

  1. Remove unnecessary code on a high priority basis.
  2. Compressed images or Defer offscreen images.
  3. Web Pages need to be Minified.
  4. Reduce JavaScript execution time
  5. Minimize main-thread work
  6. Beware of excessive liquid loops
  7. Decrease thumbnail image size
  8. Weigh the benefits of installing another app

By fixing these issues, your website speed score can definitely improve. For more details please check -


I hope you like my feedback!!! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!


 Thank You!

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