Make Menu stick to top and change color depending on background for Brooklyn Theme

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I'd like to adjust the menu for the Brooklyn theme.


a. that the menu stays on top even if the visitor scrolls down


b. Change color in response to background - black over light background, white over dark background. 


the color change is necessary as for a stick-to-the-top menu the background changes, and in my case the menu wouldn't be readable - especially as the home page has a dark background.


I have seen a change of menu color on the Betty theme, but it looks like the change of menu color is triggered by scrolling past the first image - it is not responsive to the background.


Is it possible at all to have a menu change color in response to the color underneath? Is there some kind of code that can create something like a feedback-loop that detects brightness level and then shows the menu black (if brightness 1-130) and black  (if brightness is 131-255). That is web design also uses 255 brightness levels as does photography to describe brightness.


Help in this matter would be much appreciated as it is key to creating a website with a minimalist menu and a navigation where a person will know right away where to go and what to do by just looking at it once.


PS: This is my first post in the forum.