“Make a Selection” Add to Cart button until ALL Variants are Selected

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I modified the Add to Cart button on my product pages to say “Make a Selection” until product variants are selected. I did this months ago, I followed Shopify’s published article for how to do that, I use the Brooklyn theme, and it’s worked fine...

BUT - the problem is, is that it has always said “Make a Selection” until “a” (ONE) variant is selected. So if a product has TWO groups of variants - for example, color and size - it will change to “Add to Cart” when “blue” is selected, or when “small” is selected. I need it to change only when BOTH or ALL available variants are selected. Otherwise, a shopper could easily miss selecting an option for the second variant. (Like, adding a blue shirt to their cart without also selecting the size they want, and then a blue shirt is now in their cart with whatever default size variant the system randomly assigns when no size is selected by the shopper before they click “Add to Cart.”)

Any help is much appreciated with this!!