Make text not touch side of browser on page? And make not all images full-width?

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Someone sent me code to make my site pages' images full-width, which I want, but now the text is too. How do I add bounds so that the text stops touching the sides of the browser? It's not easily readable like this.

Icons like the lipstick stain at the bottom should be small size but I can't have it small even if I click on the picture in the editor and choose a small size.

Page with issues (all pages have this issue, though):

Password: aiclai



Code I was given to make images full-width, active in my theme.css that is screwing up the text & any images that are not supposed to be full-width: 

.template-page .rte img {
width: 100%;
.template-page .grid__item.medium-up--five-sixths.medium-up--push-one-twelfth {
width: 100%;
left: auto;
.template-page .page-width {
padding: 0;
nax-w: initial;
max-width: initial;
margin: 0;