Making Vendor Clickable link in products page

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Hi there!


We recently changed themes & I've added this update before, but that coding no longer works for this theme.  We wanted to make the vendor clickable from the product page that will take it to that product collection page!  We are using Mr. Parker from underground.  Any assistance would be so greatly appreciated!




Hello ,

Go to Online Store->Theme->Edit code ->Sections->product-template.liquid

Search below code:


<p class="product-item__vendor small--text-center">{{ product.vendor }}</p>

Replace it with



<a href="www,"> 
<p class="product-item__vendor small--text-center">{{ product.vendor }}</p>

Change link where you want to redirect.


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Using this product as an example:


click brand.png


This should do it:


1) Find the code that displays the brand, look for the product-vendor class, it's probably in something like product.liquid, or a snippet included in that file.


2) Assuming vendor name and collection titles match, you could replace the <em> line with this:


{% for collection in collections %}
  {% if collection.title == product.vendor %}
    {% assign brand_link = collection.url %}
    {% break %}
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

{% if brand_link %}
  <em><a href="{{ brand_link }}">{{ product.vendor }}</a></em>
{% else %}
  <em>{{ product.vendor }}</em>
{% endif %}



What this does is cross references your product.vendor (brand name) with collection titles to look for a match. If it finds one, it grabs that collection's url and makes it a clickable link.



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Hi team,


This is very handy - I am wanting to do the same but am working with a bookstore, so the vendor will be authors, As there are a lot of different authors it would be ideal not to have to go through and create collections for each one manually - is it possible to do the same as you've suggested but having it link to a tag instead of a collection? (I am adding the authors names into the tags),


Thanks for your help :)