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My website is and I will post an image below to show the exact spot but three of my banner images are not clickable.

When I right clicked them and inspected the element I was able to add in a line of code that allowed it to be clickable but it wasn't permanent. 

I looked in the HTML of the theme but I can't find the line of code that registers with the banner images on my home page. 

The funny thing is the theme (great-store) has an option to add in the links normally through the customize theme option but it still isn't working.

The banner below it titled "These cool kids want to give you money" is clickable...and I did nothing different to it. 

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Hey there Immaani,

Wesley here from the Shopify Guru team. If you have put URLs in the spaces provided and nothing is happening it would seem like your theme has a bug in that it is not assigning the URLs to the images as it is supposed to. 

I would check with your theme developer on that one as it will require an update to the theme to get that problem figured out!


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Hi Wesley i  am looking to do something similar. this thred came up for my search in google so i think this is a good spot to put this answer since all other google results for this search did not have the answer. i want to know how to edit the code to add a clickable link to the home page banner. the banner on debut currently makes you need to add the button to make it clickable. if you and the link without adding the button then the link is not activated. the button is ugly and is in the way of my nice banner.. i do not want to use the button but i want my banner to be clickable still.