Making changes to the Filter By section on Collection pages

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Hi there!

I am trying to make some changes to the Collection pages of my site - I am using the Debut theme. My knowledge of code is (extremely) limited. 

Currently the section above the Products shows options to Filter By and Sort By. I would like to remove the Filter By option and replace it with a number of different options as drop down boxes across the section, such as Size, Colour, Year, etc. Does anyone know if this is at all possible, and how I would possibly go about doing it?

I would ideally also like to have this cross section stick when the user scrolls down through the products so they are always able to easily filter how they like as I have quite a large catalogue of products.

Thanks very much for any help or guidance!


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Welcome to Shopify!

What your'e asking requires knowledge in Javascript, HTML and Liquid, and it requires changing the themes files, which is extremely dangerous if you are unfamiliar with that. Have you tried looking through the Shopify App Store for an app that can provide better filtering options?


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Hi @olibrinicombe 

You can use a Shopify search and filter app to create filter by product options (color, size), tags (year) to help your customers quickly narrow down the list and find what they are looking for.

Ultimate Filter & Search support Debut theme and matches with theme style. You can duplicate the live theme and set it up on the copied one. This will allow you to test all the features and create filters as you expect without affecting your live store and other themes. It shows filters on both Collection and Search results page. It can be easily customized to sticky sidebar with some CSS.