Making hero Slideshow have clickable images (Brooklyn Theme)

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I've been searching the forums for a while and while there is good information for making this possible with Debut and minimal Themes i have yet to find a good way to make this work within Brooklyn. 


I would like to make the slideshow images also clickable and redirect to the same page that the button redirects to. There have been a bunch of open posts with no answers. 


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you



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This solution requires some changes in liquid and css file but, here is simple jQuery tweak you can use. 

Go to the Online store > Theme > Edit code > theme.js file and add following code at the end of file:

$(".hero-slideshow .hero__slide").click(function(){
	var slideURL = $(this).find(".hero__cta").attr("href");
        window.location.href = slideURL;




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Wow, Thank you, Much easier than what i was trying. 


thank you that solution worked like a charm!