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Hi there

I use images sourced from suppliers. What is the best way to make all the product backgrounds consistant?

I'm not a huge techy so as much detail as possible please.




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Hey Joanne McNamara, unfortunately the best way is for the suppliers to have you in mind doing product photography, you should contact them about consistency and providing imagery with the background removed.

After that image background removal is a matter of: you want to do it yourself,outsource, or use a service:

Diy = learning photoshop, error prone , and highly repetitive. Only good for small amount of images.

Be wary of the DIY it is important you are working on your business not in the business, delegate.

Outsource = increasingly expensive , though a service like fivver has plenty of people offering this, more accuracy.

Service = generally automated, price can increase with useage, and mostly automatic so accuracy can suffer.

The 2nd best is a mix of all 3, be able to do small touch ups yourself, send the bulk to an automated service, outsource someone checking the automated results and to handcraft harder images.

There are some apps in the shopify app store that handle this as well.


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Hi Joanne

I have visited your shop and really happy to look at your products, they are so beautiful! 

I think there are many people like your product as me. 
I'm specialized in editing product photo. If you want to handle your product image better as remove background or retouch images, you can contact me. 
I will do with a good price for you, and I think it will help you sell easier. 

Thanks and waiting for your message. 




Hi Joanne,

I agree with everything Paul said, but I would like to add a few things.

Aside from background removal, I think you should consider the image size to make your images consistent. I looked at your site and I noticed that they’re not proportional.

With Shopify, the product images don’t need to be exactly the same sizes (in terms of pixels). It will still look consistent as long as the aspect ratio is the same. Shopify created a great guide for this.

When resizing, make sure you have high-res versions of the images. It’ll make sure the quality of the images will not suffer in case you need to adjust its aspect ratio.

By the way, I can also help you with background removal should you be interested. Just send me a message. I’ll be happy to help you out!

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