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Can you tell me, from your experience, which themes are best for a medical site, which would serve as a platform-portal for the supply of medical services in one city, which I mean for example dentist, botox facial and body, plastic surgery, etc...

Thank you for your quick response!!!


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Truthfully, I think that a website with different reviews of local clinics and specific doctors will be more than enough. For instance, now I’m looking for an orthodontist, and I would like to ask locals where I can go and about their experience.

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@StevenMorrison wrote:

I think that would be great, as long as horrible doctors won’t promote themselves there. I’ve been searching for an orthodontist for ages in my area and couldn’t find a normal one. My teeth are not that crooked. Still, they need some improvements to make them perfect. I’ve been consulting with different orthodontists to put braces. But they either acted insanely and offered me to remove a couple of front teeth or tried promoting the services of their dentist friends, which I must visit ASAP. As a result, I didn’t find any good orthodontists in my area. So, my dentist told me about one very effective way to fix teeth location from Tallah

I have a similar problem. I cannot find a competent orthodontist for my daughter. Probably, I should try ordering aligners as well.