Message on the cart page based on number of items - is this possible?

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Hi!! I am trying to add a message to the cart page, but it requires knowing conditions/control flow. I'm somewhat familiar with this and I know how to code some front-end stuff, but can't figure out why nothing I try is working. The site is selling socks and will be donating $1 per pair sold, so the cart must generate a message based on the number of pairs in the cart!

For example, the message is "$X being donated to a great cause!"

If it sells 1 pair of socks it should show $1, if he sells 2 pairs the message should show $2, etc. I believe it just requires some code on the cart page, which shouldn't be hard. Using the Pipeline theme - 

Any input on this? Would appreciate any help!!

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This is an accepted solution.

You can print this message using:

"${{ cart.item_count }} being donated to a great cause!"

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That is SO much easier than I thought, THANK YOU!!