Minimal Theme to add swipe function for viewing product photos

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Hi, Hope someone could help with this. I have searched for similar questions, Don't seem to be resolved.

I am using Minimal Theme. My products have many variants. It is not user-friendly to browse, especially on the phone, having to scroll to individual thumbnail, click on it, scroll up to look at a photo, going back and forth.

Appreciate any help. 




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Have you found how to add a swipe for pictures in Minimal Theme? Struggling with this too. 

Would appreciate any advice. 

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@jessg - I think I can point you in the right direction but would recommend getting a developer involved to run through timelines and costs for a project like this:


1) You could implement a "carousel" for the thumbnails so the block would not extend so far and would also maintain the primary image in the same position (no need to scroll up/down). 


2) You can set a trigger on the thumbnail click that would auto-scroll the window back to the top.


Also, there are apps that can accomplish #1.  Search "Thumbnails" in the app store and you'll see some options.


Hope this helps!