Minimal theme - my search bar is glitchy?

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I wanted an announcement bar that appears above/separate from the cart and search bar so I used this guide here but now for some reason, whenever I click on another page, it kind of glitches out for a second and makes the search bar looks like what the photo shows?

It's not permanent and does go back to normal after a second but I don't want it to seem like the page is half broken/glitching out whenever you change pages using the navigation bar

I'm unsure if the code itself causes that when paired with the Minimal theme or I've done something wrong even though I've followed the guide above exactly?

If it's the code I shouldn't be using, is anyone able to tell me how to change the coding of Minimal theme so that the announcement bar is above/separate from the cart and search logo like how it is seen in the photo below


EDIT: Nevermind, I think the problem is with my internet not loading the icon fast enough so it shows up like that as the issue is still there with the regular theme completely unedited