Minimal theme - nested menus

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I installed the Minimal theme back in early 2017. Since then an update was pushed out which supports nested menus. Shopify advised that I should install the new theme and then move everything over from my old website. I realised that was going to a huge undertaking as so much has been done to the website over the last 2.5 years.


I downloaded the up-to-date Minimal theme and copied over the mobile-nav.liquid code and that made the nested menus work on mobile on my website perfectly. Attached screenshots.


But for desktop I tried to do the same copying over the site-nav.liquid code but the drop-down does not work. The TEST link under 'Ammonia / Smelling Salts' does not slide to the right on hover as it should. Attached screenshot. My knowledge of code is very limited indeed so I assume something else is needed elsewhere but I do not know what. I put the old code back for this part so the navigation works correctly. Is there any way to get the desktop nested menus to work?