Minimal theme product page and collection text positioning changes

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I’m looking for some help on my site:

i want to be able to change the layout of my product page so my main description of the product falls below the image with just the intro showing to the right of it.

i also want to change my collection page template so I can add text images links etc above and below the collection images on all pages of the collection 

oh and thirdly on my blog pages I want to shift the blog to be central in the page rather than just reading down the left hand side.

i have limited HTML and css coding experience but I’m willing to learn. I’d rather not install a tonne of apps.



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Hi @Loved-by-ruby ,

Nice to meet you. We're interested in getting your theme changes done for you. If you drop us an email we could have it done over the weekend. 

Happy to answer any questions or continue the conversation here as well. We could do a Skype and that way I could show you how to make changes and you can learn a bit of HTML and CSS at the same time. Just an idea, but we're here for you if you need us. 


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