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Hello everyone!


I would like to improve my SEO score which is not bad, but it's never hurts to improve it a little. I did run a SEO analysis on store so I know my SEO score or what to improve. The only thing I can't seem to find is my H1 heading. No, not the one in the Shopify preferences. The one in the theme code. So I would like to give a H1 heading to my store but I don't know how to code at all. If somebody could send me a code snippet I can use and tell me where to insert it would be awesome!


Thank you for the answers in advance!






Hi Alexandra,


There is an H1 tag on your site's frontpage, however it doesn't contain any text (only a couple of images - first image and second image). I assume you are using a paid theme (Prestige?) so I can't tell you if this is something you can change in your theme's settings (wherever it is that you have added those images) but if you can't and you need to modify the theme's files you should find which file contains the H1 tag with the class "Header__Logo" (try searching for that class) and then change the H1 opening and closing tags to DIV tags.


Then, in your theme.liquid file add the following code (you should be able to put this right after you see something like "{% section 'header' %}"):

{% if request.page_type == "index" %}
<h1 style=""height:0; width:0; display:block; overflow:hidden;">The Magic Glow Co.</h1>
{% endif %}

This is a bit of a hack, but should suit your purposes. It will put a main (H1) heading on your page but also ensure that it isn't visible. I am a little unsure if google will be satisfied with a non-visible H1 heading.

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