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Hi There,

I am stuck on a few things which is making me stand still not been able to move on with my website.

I am in the middle of designing my website and my home page is nearly there on desktop version and when i click on mobile version it  is setting it out very different. How my images are set on desktop version in full view for the customers all in a line when i head to mobile version they in line downwards rather than side ways and it looks awful. I am not sure I set them the same ?

My product details i.e.: Product type and amount are on the hover system when u hover over the item I actually want this below the item I am not sure how I do that either?

How do i add sub category's?


If you could help would be much appreciated


Thank you 


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Hi @Boustylish, without looking at your website it would be difficult to tell you what's wrong and how to fix it. Please share your website url.

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