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Hi !

I would like to give my customers the ability to modify their order within 4 hours after they placed the order. After 4 hours, the ability will automatically be revoked. I'm planning on adding this to the customer's account page. Is it possible at all? Any suggestions on how this can be implemented will be very much appreciated.

I've tried the app Orderify, but what I dislike about this app is the app gives people the ability to modify or cancel their order whenver they want, as long as the order has not yet been shipped. This definitely would make me go crazy if people cancel or modify their order when I'm just about to ship it.

Please help !

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Anh!

There isn't a way to limit the timeframe that customers can use an app to edit their orders. You'll just need to make sure that you make it clear that any order adjustments made after the 4 hour timeframe may not go through in time for chages to be made on your end. (I suggest bolding the text and placing it somewhere that is very visible on the customer account page - for example, near the top.)

You can also try contacting the app developers directly to see if they're able to do any custom development work (at a cost) for a feature like this. 

If anyone else has figured out a way to do this, would love to hear about how you did it! :)


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Hi Anh,

I am the developer of Cancellable app (, our features are similar to Orderify.

Cancellable app allows customers to cancel/edit their order any time, but you can also set an order to not be cancellable/editable by adding a tag "cannot-cancel" to the order, this would be helpful when you are about to fulfill the orders.

cannot cancel tagcannot cancel tag

Hope this can help!