Modifying Refund Email to show what is refunded?

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Currently Shopify has a default refund emal that is sent and it has 3 possible triggers;

A.  Are all items still present in the order then ....

B. Are none of the items present in the order then ...

C. Neither of those AKA SOME of the items are not available then ...

After looking at the order I don't see anyway to Call which item is not available?  The only place I see it even mentioned is in the coorisponding refund information, so then I thought well worst case scenario I will reference the notes and I'll just copy the name in there, which I've done below, but neither of these work? 

Any ideas, idealy how to have the system dynamically tell them what was out of stock or at least capture the order notes and put them in there?

{% if refund_line_items.size == item_count %}
  {% capture email_title %}Your order has been refunded {% endcapture %}
{% elsif refund_line_items.size == 0 %}
  {% capture email_title %}You have received a refund {% endcapture %}
{% else %}
  {% capture email_title %}Some items in your order have been refunded.

<br><Br>  The following items were unfortunately unavailable and have been refunded;
I tried this  ...  {{ order.note }}
I also tried this ... {{ checkout.note }}
 {% endcapture %}
{% endif %}

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Would like to know how to solve this too.

The default template lists all the items from the original order but doesn't clarify which one was refunded when there are multiple items.

For a single item order, it might be self-explanatory but not for a multiple item order.