More Than 3 Product Options on POS

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Hi everyone, first time posting. I've seen this question has been asked several times but there doesn't seem to me to be a clear answer anywhere: Is there a USER-FRIENDLY way to add more product options that will also be reflected on the POS system? I know this apparently isn't possible "natively," and that there are apps to allow you to add variants/options -- but those options are not available to me on the Shopify POS app itself, just the site.

For example, I sell coffee drinks and each drink has multiple options (cream, milk, sweetener, extra foam, etc.) and then the necessary variants, which is impossible for me to add in the POS system as it currently stands. 

I have a mixed retail/café brick-and-mortar shop and was hopefully to have a seamless integration of my e-commerce and POS but now I'm not so sure. As some of the threads regarding this issue date back 5+ years, one would have to assume Shopify added this simple and desperately needed feature for business (especially with the price hike!).

Appreciate any help that may resolve this issue.