Move/align product description (debut theme)

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Hey I can't remember where I found the answer, but I edited code to move the product description above the shopping cart button, but now the text appears on the right hand side rather than left as per image below.

Please can someone tell me what to do to get this looking correct?

Bonus point for anyone who knows how to add an accordion style dropdown to it as well!

Thanks alot


Maybe you set some sort of CSS to it to align it to the right. Check for `text-align: right` on the text. If it is there then take it off.


Also what do you mean by accordion style dropdown? On what content?

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Hi, @mark146 ,

This is Evita from On The Map.


Can you add your store URL?



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Hey guys thanks for the replies, I've ended up switching themes now and making it work. Really frustrating how a simple thing like that requires code, when on Wix etc you can literally just move it.