Move collection title below collection featured image on collection page in Debut theme

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Hi there! 

I'm trying to move my collection title on my collection page. Right now the collection page displays the collection featured image at the top of the collection page, with the title of the collection on top of that image. I'd like to move the collection title below the featured image. 

I've seen some posts about changing this for other themes, in fact, there is an excellent online tutorial for the Pipeline theme (

I realize there is some code editing in order to change the schema, which I am comfortable with. I just don't know what the code needs to be for Debut. 

I tried seeing how for the Pipeline code would get me, and it changes the Schema properly, but the code is wrong when it tries to call the products in. 

Can anyone help me? 








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Hi There!

You have to locate the collection file in the "Section" folder then hunt for {{collection.title}}, commenting the section or wrapper her and moving the code to outside the image div will solve your issue pretty quickly!

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