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On our site we have a variety of products, and one customizable product/service (Bible Rebinding). The rebinding requires a lot more description and an app to allow upselling, so I need to move the product description for just that one product underneath the thumbnails. I don't think I want to move the description for all products. When I have attempted it I have had it work successfully on one item, but then the rest of the products end up with the text wrapped around the images, so it seems like it would be easier to just adjust the Bible Rebind page.

Additionally, I customized the template for the page to allow customers to write notes/make requests in their order, I'm not sure if that affects the coding for moving the text. We're new to shopify, our site isn't live yet, and I'm only a VERY basic coder (but I can copy and paste & follow directions!)

Thanks so much. 

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Hi @michaelfesmire 

So just 1 product right, all the rest should have the original look?

Create a second product.liquid file, which has a separate product-template look that you want.

For that 1 product, change the template used in the product customizer. If you have more than 1 product template, it will allow you to choose which products go to which product template



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Yes please can you copy and paste directions