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Im relatively new to shopify and need some help with the Supply Theme. 


I'm trying to figure out in the code how to move the products and sort features to show up before the text. I was able to figure it out on the Debut theme but can seem to figure it out on the Supply theme. Attached is a picture of what im looking for in the Supply Theme.

 Debut Collections Page Descriptions.png


Hello JayCDD,
Please share your site url.
So that i can check and let you know.
If there is no default feature you have customize theme.

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Hi @JayCDD 

If you just want to move collection description next to product grid then follow this:

1. Open Section->collection-template.liquid->find bellow code:

<div class="rte rte--header">
  {{ collection.description }}

Move this code to just above {% schema %} that move your description to end of products.


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Thanks for the info! The code was a bit different on my Minimal theme but I move the block of similar code to just above 'schema' and below 'paginate". The text was kind of pushing into an empty grid spot so I added a couple line breaks <br><br>...maybe not the most elegant way but it seems to work.


Also I left the h1 title above the grid and added an h3 title just above the collection description.


<h3 class="section-header__title{% if section.settings.tags_enable or section.settings.sort_enable %} section-header__title--left{% endif %}">{{ collection.title }}</h3>

I'm hoping that as a h3 header, it won't be an seo issue in addition to the same text as an h1 header?

If so I could remove it.