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My website is and I'm running a boundless theme though I don't like the look of the product description page example: ( 


I want to know if there's a way for me to upload another theme into just this page without to much work or if there's a way to just move things around so I can make the photo smaller like this:


He is running the same theme but his page looks much better. how can I do this

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If you want this type of product image and section  then you have to use other theme as this them can not give such type of customization,

You can use Brooklyn,Venture,Jumpstart etc free theme too.

Le t me know if you need any help.

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Yes you can create alternate templates that you can assign on a per product basis, this is advanced customization territory.

 You can either code something new or in some limited cases still use the visual editor.

Tutorials in the shopify help docs for alternate-templates.


Always make backup duplicates of your themes before editing code

This is only a quick test as results will vary with different themes so it's PASS/FAIL work:

  • Go to 
  • -> open the code editor of the test theme -> go to templates -> click add template-> alternate of product template
  • -> add custom name to this template -> save
  • preferably in a new browser tab go to a product and assign it this new alternate template
  • , if your using the visual editor now try customizing that products page
  • otherwise staying in the code editor change the code for that alternate template
  • -> save and check your other products.

If works your done, otherwise undo your changes, either by deleting alternate template or restoring a backup.

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