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I am planning to expand my shop to multiple other countries.

I saw multiple articles on shopify, where they talked about multiple currency. There are lot of apps which can help in displaying the converted currency of the product price, but at checkout payment happens in base currency of shopify.

But my query is little different. For my shop, I want to show different price for different countries for the same product. As the currency coverter only converts the base currency to the desired country currency it will not help in my objective of charging differently for different country. I am planning to give a Country selector. Based on the Country selected, I want to show different prices that I plan to configure for that respective country. How to do that?

Example: Suppose product A cost is AUD 10 in Australia. If I use currency Converter, for USA it will display around USD 7.6. But I want to charge USD 12 suppose. How do I achieve that.

Any idea on how to show varying price for the same product, based on the country dropdown that I provide on my website.



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Hi, I need the same function urgently, it decreases local sales. Any solution yet?



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Not sure if you guys found a solution yet - I am still looking for one for my shop that will work. This app may work for you, as it achieves the basic functionality of what you're asking: - but make sure you read the app compatibilities before installing, for us, unfortunately, it doesn't work because we use Stocky Inventory Management and it does integrate with this.


Hope this helps! If you've found any other solutions please follow up because I need something other than this app to be able to achieve this functionality.