Multi-Currency and non-GST issues..

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Hi.. using the Supply Theme for my store ..

1. Changing currency on the home page works well. However, when I click a product and go to the single product page, the currency reverts back to the default currency (AUD).

See this on other forums - have tried to follow these guidelines with ... just unable to resolve ..

2. in Australia we have GST .. however have 2 products where NO GST should be applied. Setup the Collection to avoid the GST showing - appears however to NOT work.


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Hi Doug,

Jan from Sufio here.

I should be able to help you with your 2nd issue. Firstly, ensure you've Set up your Australian Taxes correctly. Then, to charge taxes on a product, you need to go to each product individually and select a "Charge taxes on this product" checkbox. In your case though, leave this checkbox de-selected for the two products. Taxes won't be applied to them then.

Regarding invoicing, do you generate compliant documents for your customers? Our Invoicing app for Shopify stores is fully compliant with accounting legislations around the world, with clients in over 75 countries.

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See you soon!

Jan, Sufio