Multiple Checkout Options at Checkout

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We are reaching out to custom developers but we're not having much luck finding a solution so hoping someone out there has some recommendations!

We are wanting this custom project for two websites:

Website example with custom shopping cart experience -

We currently offer a new menu each week ( and we'd like customers to be able to add items to their cart from multiple weeks and pay for them upfront. Right now, we are rotating themes and this is not effective and we want customers to be able to order meals in advance. We want to be able to schedule out a month's worth of collections (menu items available each week) as well as our packages to create a better shopping experience.

Also, we'd like specific options for each week to show up on the cart page (For example... choosing a pickup date from a dropdown menu for items within a given week... It seems like the options would be on a collection level, but not sure.) See screenshot to better understand. Essentially, people would be able to get items for the current week, and set pickup/delivery times, but also "pre-order" feature items to get at a future date.

So again, we are wanting to be able to set multiple pick ups for the same order. Eg. Product 1 pick up on June 20, then product 2 pick up on July 1st with varying options like the example we provided