Multiple Tax Values

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we have products with different tax values e.g. Food with 7% and Cloth with 14% and we would like to show those tax values to the user.

I'm aware that i need to change code in the templates in order for this to work.

My best guess was to use the tax_line object here and access this value in the template with this kind of code

{{ tax_line.rate_percentage }}%

which should output something like this


 The issue here is that the tax_line object is always nil.

I defined the tax values on collection base via the Backend UI here

Screenshot 2021-01-21 at 21.31.16.png

Is this the correct way to accomplish what i'm looking for or is there another way to configure tax values based on products (instead of collections) which might even make more sense because products are listed in multiple collections and therefor might have different tax values with this approach based on which collections the user is looking at right now.