Muting and looping embedded video

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I want to post a looped and auto-muted (start out in mute mode, but leave sound available for customers to turn on) in my page.

I have modified the code in the "custom-content" to look like

<div align = center>
<div class ="video" autoplay="" loop="" volume="mute" align = "center";>
               <iframe src="" width="400" height="400"  frameborder="0" ></iframe>
          <div class="video"  autoplay="" loop="" volume="mute", align = 'center';>
                <iframe mute src="" width="400" height="400"  frameborder="0"  ></iframe>                                



The video is the right size, right place, but has sound and plays only once.

What to do????

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Hey Daniel,

I was also experimenting with this tonight but couldn't get it to autoplay the video while muted (with the option to unmute). I found an app called Video Background, which looks to be pretty promising -- will need some testing to confirm though.

Best of luck with your business,

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I tried this and it worked perfectly.